Self-Discovery Events Calendar reveals human potential

A Self-Discovery Events Calendar to foster child-like curiosity.

Self-Discovery Events Calendar reveals human potential

Use Grounded Relating’s Self-Discovery Events Calendar

Looking for a self-discovery events calendar to help you find yourself or your next series of self-discovery events? Let  Grounded Relating’s Events Calendar help! In this timeline of humanity’s evolution, human potential is growing in leaps and bounds! Neuroscience, loving compassion, political engagement, new inventions, and global caring are just a few of the emerging-with-gusto topics in the human potential movement. Why not join the emerging human potential mainstream crowd by doing a little self-discovery work yourself?

To stay current with highlighted local and national happenings devoted to human potentials, self-discovery, self-awareness and spiritual development, please review Grounded Relating’s Events Calendar frequently. A primary part of the Grounded Relating mission is to promote and centrally locate spiritual resources. Readers may find our own events, as well as events or happenings that bring spiritual, self-discovery “goodness and light to all concerned,” published on this events calendar.

Uncovering who YOU really are, expands the human species

Because it is not practical to cover every event out there, the more relevant events that advance Grounded Relating’s mission of “promoting human compassion through self-awareness” are featured. If you know of an event you’d like to see promoted on Grounded Relating’s Self-Discovery Events Calendar, contact us and let us know.

“It’s your life, and it is definitely happening NOW. Get out there and add your voice and unique song to the current human potential symphony!”

For ease of use the Events Calendar sorts into the following categories: 1) Central Virginia Happenings Calendar; 2) National Events Calendar; and 3) an International Events Calendar.

How to enjoy our self-discovery Events Calendar

The Central Virginia Happenings calendar category includes local events ranging from the following Virginia cities and regions: Richmond, Charlottesville, Harrisonburg and the Shenandoah Valley region. Events outside these geographic regions post to the National Events calendar. Also included in this category are the FREE “family parties in the sky,” listed under Sky Events. This would include events like full moons, meteor showers and eclipses. (For further information read either “Celestial happenings: family party in the sky” or “Star Stuff of humanity“.)

The National Events calendar category will be useful to people who are looking for a self-awareness type retreat by geographic location. If you can’t find what you need nearby, you might have to travel. This National events calendar will help you make plans.

Maybe you are not traveling internationally this year, but would like to know what kind of self-discovery options await you around the world.  The Grounded Relating International Events calendar category will keep you informed. It could also serve as an inspiration for hope. Seeing how many people around the world are interested and working with self-awareness, will surely make you feel more positive and optimistic, even if you don’t get to attend the event yourself.

There are many ways to use the Grounded Relating Self-Discovery Events Calendar. If you have some training money you need to use by a certain date, our calendar feature can help you target spiritually related events by day, month or week. The Events Calendar also subdivides by location as mentioned above with the three Calendar Categories. In addition there is one more layer of sorting, called tags.

Searching for events using Grounded Relating Tags

The calendar tags used are currently meant to help further sort events. The Events Calendar tags for Grounded Relating include: Enneagram Events; festival; Full Events Calendar ListingMyers-Briggs Type Indicator Events; Personal Growth EventsPublic Coffee Chats; Retreats; Sky EventsTraining; Webinar; Workshop; and yoga events. Each of these tags will help the reader drill down to a more specific event list.

For example,  the three tags Training, Webinar and Workshop, each describe a different kind of event experience. These tags will help the reader distinguish between 1) a heavy theory-based Training and 2) the more informal general information Workshops that may also offer a shallow dive into theory or data. On the other end of the spectrum, Public Coffee Chats will be more informal and open-to-the-public discussion formats where Retreats would tend to include an overnight stay event. Webinar, of course, are online events of an entirely different nature.

The Personal Growth Events tag targets awareness, self-discovery and self-love events.  As previously mentioned, the Sky Events tag highlights celestial happenings which one could consider like monthly “family parties in the sky.”  When was the last time you stepped outside in the night air, breathed and looked up to witness your forebears? These Sky Events are also open to everyone and provide a reflective moment of the Universal connection we all experience but may not always notice.

The Full Events Calendar Listing tag will render all calendar events and any blogs posts written to provide more detail about certain calendar events. Those blog posts can also be found under the blog post category Event Posts.

Myers Briggs and Enneagram events promise to be more content specific than general in nature. The Enneagram Events calendar tag queries and pulls Enneagram-only events, which could include events around the globe. Whereas, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Events calendar tag segregates Myers-Briggs Type Indicator-only events, which could also include events around the globe.

It’s your life, and it is definitely happening NOW. Get out there and add your voice and unique song to the current human potential symphony!

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