EnneaApp isolates top, active Enneatypes

Use the EnneaApp to uncover your type

EnneaApp isolates top, active Enneatypes

EnneaApp jumpstarts the Enneagram discovery journey

While no automated test can truly know your interior landscape, the EnneaApp will help you isolate potential EnneaTypes down to the top three. What’s an EnneaApp you may ask? And what’s an Enneatype? Well read on and find out all about it!

The Enneagram of Personality is a robust system of self-observation and mindfulness practice. Encoded into this system are nine archetypes of the human psyche that can explain the motivating forces behind your highs and lows, on a daily basis. The Enneagram helps an individual wake up to Reality as It Is. Imagine perceiving life as it is rather than from an automatic, unconscious, habitual perception filter?

Download the EnneaApp today

The EnneaApp is a free downloadable app that acts as a mobile Enneagram reference source. This App can also be very helpful in directing initial self-observation when you are first learning the Enneagram. According to the Hearthstone Counseling website, Elan BenAmi, MA, LPC, in collaboration with Lori Ohlson, MA, LPC, created the EnneaApp. On that site there is a download link.

Or, you can download the EnneaApp directly at the Google Store. The EnneaApp’s online quiz will help hone your Enneagram type assessment. The short 10-minute quiz will also offer up your top three most likely Enneagram types, according to how you answer the quiz.

“Imagine perceiving life as it is rather than from an automatic, unconscious, habitual perception filter? The EnneaApp fastracks your Enneagram understanding so you can do that!”

While taking the quiz it might prove helpful to think of how you might have answered at an earlier age or younger time in your life. Perhaps your behavior patterns during the years 18-26 would more naturally capture your native, home base of attention. Whatever you decide–young self or current self–answer all the questions according to that self’s perspective.

Start the Enneagram self-observation process today!

Either way, the typing that occurs with the EnneaApp quiz will be a start point. It might help to be consistent in your perspective as you answer the App’s questions. Upon completing the online quiz and receiving your results, your job will become to observe yourself. You will need to watch and see if you agree or disagree with the App’s suggested Enneatypes and why. Over time, and with self-observation, an understanding or felt sense of your true Enneagram type will emerge. This new felt sense may agree or disagree with the EnneaApp answers. Never forget your true power: only you truly know your type!

Both the Enneagram and the EnneaApp can take you to a new level of stress-reduction and awareness. Many people enjoy using the EnneaApp because it will jump-start the Enneagram self-observation process. Instead of parsing nine types and how they apply to your life, the EnneaApp will narrow the field to the most likely top three Enneatypes that are active in your life currently.

“The true goal of the Enneagram of Personality system is that we unite in wholeness, with capacity to access in equal measure all aspects of all ninetypes, according to what any moment of reality might ask of us.”

One of the three Enneatypes isolated by the EnneaApp will likely be your “home base” or resting neutral type. The other two could be Enneagram Wings. Or, perhaps some aspect of your life could be in Stress and your “move to stress type” is active. Or, maybe you just had a baby, grandchild, got a promotion or fell in love, and your “move to security type” might be in play.

Additionally, if you have been doing a lot of growth work or have experienced other recent and intense life passages, this may be reflected in the EnneaApp final selections. Due to these experiences, you might be integrating aspects of your home base Holy Idea (Higher Self).

Or, you might be flexing, acquiring and incorporating in the direction and integration of another Enneagram number aspects, thereby allowing your home base number to grow and fulfill an ultimate agenda. The true goal of the Enneagram of Personality System is that we unite in wholeness, with capacity to access in equal measure all aspects of all nine types, according to what any moment of reality might ask of us.

Check out the EnneaApp in this video tutorial, as posted by Elan BenAmi on YouTube :

The Enneagram is a robust and fascinating personality system

This is both how the Enneagram is so fascinating and accurate as well as how the Enneagram can be a lot of information to fully comprehend. But the payoff comes in the form of compassion and understanding of yourself and others. This payoff comes complete with actionable breadcrumb steps. So in the end, all the observation and mindfulness are completely worth it!

For those of you who want to know your Enneagram number NOW!, the EnneaApp might be just what you are looking for. If you are more traditional—and you can wait patiently!–you could observe yourself for each of the type patterns for a couple of days. Or you could observe to see if you experience the world from the three Centers of Intelligence: Head, Heart or Body. Either way you slice or dice it, some mindfulness and self-observation will come into play. Take the EnneaApp with curiosity and become informed. If you get stuck, confused or have questions, contact us at Grounded Relating; we’re here to help!

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