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Grounded Relating self-discovery coaching services nurture self-knowledge and promote human compassion through workshops, events and one-on-one sessions. Grounded Relating is about small group interactions and one-on-one experiences aimed at expanding awareness and cultivating a lens of perception fueled by curiosity. Grounded Relating experiences like that can illuminate and elevate the individual and the collective, via self-knowledge and self-discovery.

This self-knowledge can be experienced real-time, as it is in this moment, and in that moment, in all its varied forms—good, bad or indifferent.  You can be a BMW driving Vice President; or a blissed out student on the yoga mat; or a stressed parent of an unhappy small child; and all the while, you can also be all three and more in the same single instant. Your perspective is key.

Grounded Relating helps answer the question: “How do I take my meditative bliss on the yoga mat OUT into the world of people, forms and duality?

Perspective is an inside job. We all individually do the work, and the collective group reaps the reward. The human capacity for knowing—moods, data, connections, relations—is vast and evolving. Do a little navel gazing, and understand yourself, with compassion, before you turn your lens outward to those around you. That way, when you do engage with the outer world, you can do so from a steady-state place of love and kindness, that is also realized and self-affirming.

Recognizing archetypal patterns in your life

Learning about your archetypal patterns will help you recognize your automatic, seasoned, ingrained patterns of relating. Awareness and observation are the first steps; then comes change and modification…and ultimately, flow. This process can take a lifetime, or be achieved in one guru-state instance of time.

Through our classes, interactions, and group discussion, you will learn about yourself, and others. At the same time, you may also discover and witness yourself maintaining an internal sense of peace, bliss, and safety amidst all the “other” of life as it is occurring.

Another way of putting it might be the answer to the formidable question: “How do I take my meditative bliss on the mat OUT into the world of people, forms and duality?” In other words, this meditative bliss that through practice can be reliably found on a daily basis in meditation…where is that bliss found daily in the real world of form and ego?

Grounded Relating is here to help

And Grounded Relating is here to help! Through various systems of thought, activities and heart-opening experiences, our goal is to educate people about themselves and their interactions with others.

On this website you will find:

Grounded Relating’s Blog of Musings

Our Musings blog reviews the existing literature about personal change and growth, as it continues to evolve. This might include profound poetry, weepy music, human rites of passage, theoretical science, political profanity or scholars and elders of the recent human past.

Our Calendar

Our calendar promotes local and national spiritual or leadership development retreat events, underscoring the need, and the ever-present opportunity, for personal growth. On the Grounded Relating calendar, where we can, we try to highlight events that have a “promoting human compassion through awareness” angle. (If you want one of your events promoted on Grounded Relating contact us and let’s talk about it!)

Grounded Relating’s Self Awareness Tools and Services

Grounded Relating exists to help YOU get to know yourself! As the perennial wisdom adage “Know thyself” implies, getting to know yourself, and really knowing what makes you tick, as well as what sends you off the deep end, is where great success and joy can be had by the handfuls. Once you know yourself, you can easily witness the “Other” in your life. Read more about how self-awareness promotes human compassion.

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