Welcome to Grounded Relating!   Our goal is to promote human compassion through self-awareness. We:

  • nurture self-knowledge through workshops, events and one-on-one coaching.
  • educate people about themselves and their interactions with others.
  • foster understanding, cultivate honest communication, and add to the expansion of human compassion.

Grounded Relating holds workshops seasonally throughout the year. Individual sessions are available by appointment. And our Web presence promotes local and national spiritual retreat events, underscoring the need, and the ever-present opportunity, for personal growth.

Through assessment tools like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or the Enneagram, we help people get to know themselves and others. Until you know your own and another’s language style, communication gaps cannot be bridged, and connection may not be realized. This is a scaleable construct; a construct that can bridge gaps and bring joyous curiousity to bear on life’s little mysteries of marriage, friendships, health crises, business relationships, and even global relationships.

For example, when you know your Myers-Briggs (MBTI) type patterns, there is freedom to be as you are now in the pattern, or to flex and shift in the direction of the Other’s pattern. Enneagram discovery will open the door to freedom from egoic attachment. Without ego, we can see, experience and know, we are all one.

We foster understanding, cultivate honest communication and add to the expansion of human compassion globally. To find “we,” “me” and “I” have to loosen themselves. When “I” am no longer “me,” and you are no longer “you”, WE become.

Cultivating individual compassion, deepens any human relationship, and evolves the entire caring community. Self-knowledge is the seed. There are many paths, but only one truth: love. Love, the one truth, is also known as union, surrender, and compassion.