A self-discovery coach can help you

A self-discovery coach can help you focus the lens of curiosity on life’s Joys, mysteries and setbacks.

A self-discovery coach can help you

A self-discovery coach can help you

As a self-discovery coach I will help you focus the lens of curiosity on your life’s joy’s, mysteries, and setbacks. I am totally fascinated by “the human condition,” the complexities of personality, how we express ourselves, who we are becoming, and the ruts we end up in along the way. As a self-discovery coach, to the best of my ability, I hold personality complexities with compassion, and my hope is to help the client part the sea of their own knowing.

Generally speaking, a self-discovery coach is an advocate, who neutrally hears and reminds a client what they have already said is true or not true about themselves. And sometimes, in the review of past or present client statements, new truths emerge from the inner sanctums, to get witnessed in the public forum of self-discovery coach and client.

We all get stuck sometimes. It’s true. I personally know the cancer battle dance, family fallout from death, and the inarguable facts of aging. After years of experiencing these mysteries and setbacks in my life, I have learned how to use the lens of curiosity to reengage in joyous living. And I needed some help along the way! Fortunately, the Universe sent me several great self-discovery coaches exactly when they were needed.

Focus the lens of curiosity on life’s joys, mysteries and setbacks

If you decide to work with me as a self-discovery coach, you need to know I don’t avoid asking the hard questions. And I don’t mind looking under the rock where all the dirty stuff is hidden, if that is what you need to do or want to do. I use my insatiable curiosity to improve myself and inspire others to move forward into new realms of perspective and possibility.

The practice at Grounded Relating involves rolling up your sleeves, digging into the dirt of your own being, and working on the growth of becoming. By exploring the roots of your habits through curiosity and play you will be able to ask, “Is this behavior still working for me?” which avoids engaging your self-criticism. Grounded Relating works where the growth begins, and ultimately, where the fuel that moves us all forward is manufactured.

As a self-discovery coach at Grounded Relating, I help people explore themselves and their interactions with others. I use frameworks such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Enneagram to chart personal behaviors and patterns of interpersonal interaction as they relate to friendships, health crises, marriage, business relationships and all the other little mysteries of daily living. When approached from the perspective of curiosity, and focused on the roots of the behaviors, these tools can offer a context that will prevent misunderstandings, promote joyous interactions, and restore your energy in living daily life.

Interested in a self-discovery coach? Let’s work together!

If you’re feeling stuck and need someone who can empathize, let’s work together. Contact me today and energize your process of self-discovery. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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