May Enneatype influenced goals discussion

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May Enneatype influenced goals discussion

May Enneatype influenced goals: strengths and liabilities

In our May Enneatype influenced goals discussion we will take a look at the strength and liabilities of an Enneatype in the goal setting process. This Enneatype influence lives with you daily, and happens all the time, whether or not you are aware and paying attention. Get off automatic, and get real-time present! The New Year’s rush of optimism, and winter’s natural stillness calls for self-reflection. Let’s take another look at how we can make SMART goals, this time using an Enneagram lens.

During the MBTI Perceiving-Judging dichotomy event, we discovered how personality can play a role in how you make and achieve goals. With a few sample goals offered from within the group, we will look at Enneatypes might play a role in the SMART goal process. (If a more in-depth discussion of the Enneagram interests you, see the Grounded Relating Intuition Salon event listing (TBA).)

What is an Enneagram and an Enneatype?

The Enneagram of Personality is a robust, motivation-based tool that helps individuals unwind their knotted-up bits. At this meetup we will take a look at how to identify Enneatype influenced goals along the matrix of Core Enneatypes: Mind, Body, and Heart. As you might guess, a Mind or Head type will rely most easily on planning skills. A Body type might rely on physical prowess, instinct or endurance. The Heart types will rely on image, and will benefit with solo, self-interested reflection.

The article “SMART goal setting for the New Year” offers a great launch point for our discussion. As this article points out, in each of the SMART goals sections—Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound—there is a potential downfall or trap for certain Enneatypes. Certainly we all struggle creating SMART goals. But certain Enneatypes will be more susceptible for trouble in particular segments of the SMART goal process.. Where do you think you fit on that spectrum? Let’s discuss!

SMART goal setting along Enneatypes

For instance, the Enneatype Four may stall out at Specific SMART goal with grand thoughts they don’t break down into achievable steps. While the Enneatype Nine might get out of inaction by focusing on specifics. Enneatypes with lots of energy (Sevens and Eight) to burn could use Measureable goals to help them stay the course, not get bored or burned out.

With Attainable goals Enneatypes Three or Six can be guided to keep control in their hands, and thereby attain success without being subject to random potentials out of their control. Keeping a goal Realistic will help the perfectionists (Enneatype One) lessen pressure and expectations (thereby avoiding criticality and failure). Realistic goals would also help the Enneatype Sevens deliver on their promises, through reevaluation and prevention of over-extensions.

Time-Bound goals will help the lofty planner Enneatype Five to move from the planning phase of a project into the execution phase. For the Helper, the Enneatype Two, having a deadline keeps them on track, and might allow them to think of themselves, not just the good of the other person.

Brush up on your knowledge before the meeting

To learn more about the Enneagram before attending this May Enneatype influenced goals discussion, try these articles:

Or, you could take this free, quick quiz to give you a jump start on your Enneagram Discovery Process: EnneaApp isolates top, active Enneatypes

Our facilitator will be Pamela Perkins Donnelly of Grounded Relating, LLC who studies “the human condition” in the laboratory of life. She is also a Certified Teacher of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition as well as a Certified MBTI practitioner. 

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Our venue will be Harmony Moon in Staunton, “a specialty shop and community center dedicated to helping people live gentler lives. Harmony Moon offers gifts and decorative accessories for the home and garden, fountains, chimes, jewelry, aromatherapy, books and music to lift your spirit and inspire you towards serenity.” Please consider supporting our venue by purchasing an item; thank you! Read more about Harmony Moon on Facebook.