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MBTI Perceiving-Judging dichotomy

Using the MBTI Perceiving-Judging dichotomy for personal balance

The MBTI Perceiving-Judging dichotomy can help an individual find balance in the midst of two opposing forces: order and options. Striking the balance between creative options and sequential order when setting goals could be likened to a Zen practice! Continuing with our New Year’s goal setting theme, let’s discuss the interface between these two seemingly opposite approaches of creative options and structured order. To do this we will use the MBTI Perceiving-Judging dichotomy (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator).

One practical use of the MBTI is its sixteen outlined personality behavior sets which may allow, or help, each of us to surrender into the fact that not everybody thinks or feels the same way we do. Imagine that! Actually, there are striking, observable differences, that consistently repeat!

Another practical use of the MBTI is the broader understanding it illuminates. The notion that a different thought from your own, is likely not only just as valid as your own thought is one thing. But to integrate that a different thought from someone else, might actually enhance or evolve your own way of thinking, is practically revolutionary! (Can’t remember your MBTI Type?  Contact Grounded Relating to schedule your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment today.)

MBTI Perceiving-Judging habits of mind

Those of us with a preference for the Judging habit of mind or attention, will prefer to be scheduled, closed-ended (not open-ended), and systematic. This person will live their lives making short-term and long-term plans, enjoying decisions made and avoiding last-minute pressures or hoopla. (Read more about “Understanding your personality when setting achievable goals”.)

On the other hand, a person with a preference for the Perceiving habit of mind or attention will possess a strong ease with spontaneity, aa well as a preference for loose notions that are open to change and allow for innovation. Someone with the Perceiving preference will live a flexible life that is casual (not formal or structure) and open-ended. This person will also likely feel energized by last minute pressures (or the aforementioned “hoopla,” depending on your personal stance.)

When stress enters, all chaos breaks loose

Even with just the definitions of the MBTI Perceiving-Judging dichotomy, one gets a sense of the opposition. Imagine what might happen when a Judging-schedule-it-into-order preference meets a Perceiving-options-let’s-be-creative preference?

There is another curious, rather unknown and interesting twist at the individual level. When a source of stress enters into an individual personality system–say the stress of creating a concrete goal from the universe of endless options–everything goes topsy-turvy, by universal design! When faced with the universe of options, the Judging personality may actually flip, out-of-character to a loose and flowing, open-ended stance. Or, they may shut down completely.

For the Perceiving personality, when the flexing and adapting to circumstances that arise unbidden goes into overdrive, this personality may flip into closed-ended thinking. Under duress then, the Perceiver may find their personality system flips to tight, maniacal rigidity. Can you recall a time when you flipped out of your normal range of behaviors, to become someone completely opposite?

When a Judger gets loosey-goosey and a Perceiver goes myopically OCD

The Judging preference, under the endless options duress, may flip to the opposite Perceiving preference, adapt and flex so much that nothing concrete occurs. And vice-versa! The normally flexible and adaptable Perceiver, when faced with the concrete task of making and following up on the linear nature of a goal, may find themselves cornered and mired into a suffocating web of minutia and concrete details, from which they do not see an escape.

If you do not know this about yourself, your co-worker or your family member, that flip might come as a great shock. And in your own, individuated efforts to realize your personal dreams or New Year’s goals, you might not see your own stress-filled, internal fluctuations. For the Judger, your normal get-it-down, on-time, signed-sealed-deliver tactics and abilities completely disappear. Instead, you may find yourself lost in the open-endedness of possibility and options.

For the Perceiver, your usual ability for flexibility and comfort in the face of an unknown outcome, completely evaporates and you become a melted puddle trying to eke out the next obsessive compulsive micron of movement.

MBTI Perceiving-Judging dichotomy: the options-order dance

For both parties–Judgers and Perceivers–this flip is, at first, unbearable and unfamiliar. In a Yes-AND! way, neither scenario is good or bad; it just is, and it just happens. Observation with clarity and compassion can evolve the whole system. Blending the two approaches and surrendering into the as-yet-unknown will close the gap, and promote flow. If this sounds familiar or intriguing, come join our discussion! We will be focusing on examples where we have witnessed the flip. We will also hold space for disbelief that this flip is even possible.

To learn more about the MBTI dichotomies of Extravert-Introvert; Senser-Intuititer; Thinker-Feeler and Judger-Perceiver attend the Grounded Relating Intuition Salon. [TBA] (Can’t remember your MBTI Type? Contact Grounded Relating to schedule your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment today.)

Our facilitator will be Pamela Perkins Donnelly of www.groundedrelating.com who studies “the human condition” in the laboratory of life. She is also a certified Narrative Tradition Enneagram Teacher and MBTI practitioner. 

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